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The Crearc is a theatrical company which creates shows with professional and non professional actors.
It does it with associations, organizations and collectivities. That’s how it has created “Neuf femmes en blanc” jointly with Chambéry Hospital Centre, "Barnave”with the National Association of History and Geography teachers...
It also realizes European co-productions together with companies from various countries: La Mère by Witkiewicz with the Machulski theatre school, Ivanov with the Vilnius Theatre Academy, la Cité du Soleil with the International Theatre Festival from Bejaia.
It considers this policy of creation as a part of a cultural action aiming to share cultural and artistic practices. In that way, the Crearc organizes many theatre and reading workshops.
All those activities develop synergy between local, regional, national, European and International levels.

Conseil d'Administration élargi

On the 17 May 2017, it took place the Crearc’s general gathering.  According to the administration council proposal, the meeting took into account the remarkable development of the Young European Theatre planning of activities and forecasted a major widening of the administration council. Actually, 9 European administrators were added over the previous 13 French ones.

Events of this month - Creations and worshops

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If you want to, you can turn to the upcoming events of the Petit Theatre.

July 2018
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Au Rendez-Vous des Ateliers 2018

From wednesday 6 june to wednesday 27 june 2018, at 8:30 pm
Crearc's Petit Theatre - Grenoble

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