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33èmes Rencontres du Jeune Théâtre Européen

From the autumn 2020, it appeared that the 33rd Rencontres du Jeune Théâtre Européen scheduled from July, 2nd to 11th won’t be a “normal” edition. Throughout the months, we have followed closely the evolution of the pandemic and the succession of sanitary measures taken by public authorities.

We have developed different hypotheses. In May 2021, the French government released the programming of the return to certain normality by the summer. And we were able to build the 33es Rencontres.

This 33rd edition will be unique. It meets constraints and requirements in a way we wanted the most possible efficient and happy.

The 2021 Rencontres will be:

  • Online Rencontres with a short films festival: 15 short movies realized by 15 companies from 13 European countries. These movies will be broadcast on the Créarc’s Youtube channel from July, 2nd to 11th, and on the social networks Facebook, Instagram.
  • Face-to-face Rencontres: 9 outdoor performances on the places and in the streets of Grenoble and around. With two key moments on the week end of 3rd, 4th, 9th and 10th July.
  • A theatrical realization stage leads by Créarc from July, 5th to 10th
  • to create the final show. This one will be presented on Saturday, 10th July at the Theatre de Verdure.
  •  A European Seminary on July, 9th and 10th, gathering theatre artists from all across Europe. The theme will be “The Theatre, the Youth and Europe facing the consequences of the pandemic”.

An abundant edition that we imagined like a picture of the present and a preparation of the future.

Something exalting for a new impetus. 


What is happening to the Petit Théâtre

While all the theatres in France are closed to the public because of Covid-19, the Petit Théâtre du Créarc, which is also closed, is preparing to undergo a metamorphosis. The work it will undergo is part of an overall plan that includes the redevelopment of the former Notre-Dame residence, which has been permanently closed for safety reasons.Above the Petit-Théâtre are two floors that will be converted into social housing. The removal of asbestos from the building is now complete. The next step will be to install metal beams in the ceiling of the Petit Théâtre. Next will come the installation of a new grill and the refurbishment of the dressing rooms. New bleachers will follow.A programme that should lead us to the summer of 2021.


Happy New Year

Each new year presents itself with a share of the unknown. The year 2021 is exceptional in this regard. In the scenario in which we have been participating since March 2020, the date of the first lockdown due the Covid-19 pandemic, the twists and turns have not ceased with their lot of anguish and uncertainty. When will the climax of the crisis occur? Who can tell? What forms will the outcome take? We don't know. So what can we wish for each other? For our part, we will say: intelligence, sensitivity and kindness in the face of what is coming, to make as eventual worst to a possible better. And as men and women of theatre, may this long ordeal lead to more beauty and more fraternity.

Happy New Year.

Fernand Garnier and the Créarc team


2020 – 2021: What about the Petit Théâtre?

Due to the work in Notre-Dame block, the Petit Théâtre will be close during the 2020-2021 season. Grenoble Habitat, responsible for the project keeps us informed of the progress of work. The work schedule plans that we return to the Petit Théâtre before the 33rd Rencontres du Jeune Théâtre Européen are planned on July 2021.

We remind you that within the framework of the agreement signed with the city of Grenoble, Créarc usually organizes at the Petit Théâtre several activities, including:

- Hosting a wide variety of companies and associations: dance, theatre, literature, “Accessibility Month”...

- Providing a place for residences and rehearsals to companies from Grenoble metropolitan area.

- The programme planning of Créarc on its different work areas: creation, support for artistic practices, European exchanges and Young European Theatre Rencontres...

- The agenda of the permanent troupe of mentally deficient comedians Arist-Créarc.

A public relations effort with the companies and the associations willing to perform at the Petit Théâtre will be done throughout the year. Thus we will perpetuate relationships built over the years, assure the Petit Theatre’s permanence as a place of civic conviviality and prepare the 2021-2022 season.


The 32nd Rencontres du Jeune Théâtre Européen which was originally slated from the 3rd to the 12th of July 2020 in Grenoble are cancelled. This decision follows the French Public authorities’ measure to suspend every shows and festivals until 15 July 2020 in order to handle the coronavirus outbreak. The Rencontres du Jeune Théâtre Européen are a major moment in the Network’s life and in Grenoble cultural life. This year, they should have gathered 18 theatre troupes from 12 European countries and they should have made Grenoble a center for artistic and civic exchanges.

The cancellation of the Rencontres is a mourning and a loss.

But the outbreak is at one with the theatre history since the beginning of this one. Remember Sophocles, Oedipus Rex and the plague devastating Thebes. The crisis we are currently experiencing is a test, a journey through hells, a “trial by fire”. What we could wish and what we could work for is to get out of this crisis more aware of our mutual humanity and to create art and beauty. Like the phoenix, we have to rise from our ashes.

The Crearc, center of the Young European Theater Network, is a European Non-Governmental Organization that organizes theatrical and cultural exchanges throughout the year. All Network members, connected to each other by internet and social networks will pursue their work and, as soon as the situation will allow it, they will set up new collaborations, including the 33rd Rencontres du Jeune Théâtre Européen in July 2021.

Fernand Garnier



Situated in the historical centre of Grenoble, this theater has got 62 seats and has been provided to the Crearc by the Grenoble Town Council.
It welcomes young companies, associations, MJC, residents groups that come here to rehearse, attend workshops, and show their theatrical productions.
It’s the working place of the Crearc itself. Theatrical workshops, creations, readings...go on there all along the year.
Every year, in July, it is at the very heart of the European Young Theater Rencontres and during the year, it welcomes directors and European artists for training courses and brainstorming meetings.
It’s a resources center and a space for artistic, cultural and citizen conviviality.
It secures synergy between local, regional, national, European and International levels.

Events of this month - Petit Theatre

More informations to come.

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