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The 32nd Rencontres du Jeune Théâtre Européen which was originally slated from the 3rd to the 12th of July 2020 in Grenoble are cancelled. This decision follows the French Public authorities’ measure to suspend every shows and festivals until 15 July 2020 in order to handle the coronavirus outbreak. The Rencontres du Jeune Théâtre Européen are a major moment in the Network’s life and in Grenoble cultural life. This year, they should have gathered 18 theatre troupes from 12 European countries and they should have made Grenoble a center for artistic and civic exchanges.

The cancellation of the Rencontres is a mourning and a loss.

But the outbreak is at one with the theatre history since the beginning of this one. Remember Sophocles, Oedipus Rex and the plague devastating Thebes. The crisis we are currently experiencing is a test, a journey through hells, a “trial by fire”. What we could wish and what we could work for is to get out of this crisis more aware of our mutual humanity and to create art and beauty. Like the phoenix, we have to rise from our ashes. The Crearc, center of the Young European Theater Network, is a European Non-Governmental Organization that organizes theatrical and cultural exchanges throughout the year. All Network members, connected to each other by internet and social networks will pursue their work and, as soon as the situation will allow it, they will set up new collaborations, including the 33rd Rencontres du Jeune Théâtre Européen in July 2021.

Fernand Garnier



The Crearc, a Centre for Creation, Research and Culture, is a French and International cultural and artistic association. Managed by a board of Directors including 21 members, it is animated by a professional team of 6 members, together with many volunteers. Its activities are based on 4 axes.
The Crearc organizes young European actors’ exchanges, all along the year. It also organizes the Rencontres of the European Young Theater which take place in Grenoble, every year at the beginning of July. It is the Centre of the European Young Theater Net.
The Crearc is also a company of theatrical creation. It produces shows autonomously or in correlation with members of the Net.
Beyond this creation and young people exchanges, the Crearc organizes theater and writing workshops with diverse age brackets and  social-cultural spheres.
The Crearc manages the little Theater provided by the Grenoble Town Council. It welcomes there, young companies and associations ‘productions. It is a conviviality and citizen centre for the heart of the town.
The Crearc belongs to that lineage of artists and intellectuals who work for the intellectual development of Humanity and for the construction of a harmonious and pacified society.

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You can donate to Créarc. This donation would allow you to be beneficiary of a tax reduction which rises 66% of the amount of money paid*.

Thus, with a 50€ donation, you will be beneficiary of 33€ of tax credit while you are helping a cultural and artistic association working on the cultural and democratic development of not only Grenoble, but also of France, Europe and worldwide.

Thank you for your reflection.

* Until 20% of the taxable earnings.

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